Portland Foodies

This year we took a late-summer trip to Portland to visit the magnificent duo, Kaila and Ethan, and to eat heinous amounts of Maine grub. And in looking back on the thousands of pictures we took, it is nearly impossible to find a single photograph in which we aren’t dutifully stuffing our faces. Portland is Foodie Heaven.

Our favorite times were nuzzling up together in Kaila and Ethan’s home, cooking and exploring their tremendous garden and whimsically eclectic barn. But when they actually managed to get us out of their cozy home (which bring us exclusively warm and fuzzy feelings), we went to more restaurants in a week than we had in the past year. On the restaurant list was: The Farmers Table, Vignola, Eventide Oyster Co., Figa, and more.

At Eventidethe seafood-lovers amongst us got stacks of oysters and we drank beer and ate zucchini fritters and swooned over the dreamy man behind the counter (if said man should potentially see this post, he should know I have several friends who’ve requested we find you).

Some of us unabashedly ate salt.

Whilst some of us drank Dogfish Head 90 Min.

All of us giggled and had food comas.

More to come on the Portland trip, including pie-in-the-sky pictures of cooking in K and E’s kitchen.