Recipe for a Perfect Galentine’s Day

Galentines-Day-2014-1I am not a fan of our nation’s favorite pink and red holiday, the dreaded February 14th. And when accused that this is no doubt due to a bad breakup or the lack of man in my life, I grow purple – not red nor pink but purple – with offense. I am in a very happy partnership; I just think Valentine’s day is a rip, expertly designed to make people spend money and feel crummy. Congratulations Corporate America, you have succeeded again.

I do, however, think that one Leslie Knope has combatted this problem with great excellence. Galentine’s Day is the grand tradition of celebrating one’s gal pals. We thank you as always, Leslie, for your brilliance and beauty.

I have requested amongst my ladies that we celebrate after the 14th instead of the 13th, as this demonstrates a healthy protest against the dreaded Val. And I think this year we managed to put together the perfect Galentine’s Day Recipewhich is as follows:

1 obnoxiously cute vegan #heart cookie, for a friend who’s really into social media:


1 ludicrously fuzzy pair of slippers for a chilly set of toes:


1 toastiest blanket of all time for each participant (arctic weather dependent):


1 absolute best ever movie made in the ’90s celebrating girlhood and womanhood alike. (For gluten sensitivity replace with: Thelma and Louise):

NowandThen 2

And obviously, 1 tremendous nod to the woman who started it all:

Mix together in cozy apartment, cover in dark chocolate, and serve with cuddles.

Happy Galentine’s Day, y’all, whenever you celebrate. Hope you have the best ever women in your life too.

Curaçao: Part III (Lunch at the Villa)

photo 5So this is the villa we stayed in (…NBD).

And in the back of this photograph if you squint really hard you might notice a tiki bar in the way back of the back patio… which looked to us like a pretty good place to enjoy a nice lunch.IMG_1299

The Boys’ House (as our abode was referred, comparable to The Girls’ House, although obviously there was some intermingling what with couples) spent a great majority of our downtime lazing about by the pool or breakfasting on the deck and basking in Caribbean sun. But we also took time to cook a little, including this delightful lunch consisting of a salad with beans and mango (Laurel), a pasta dish (Ben), fried plantains (I’ll credit Evan, but mostly so he feels included), and a smoothie made of mango, papaya, and orange (Brian).IMG_1306 IMG_1310 IMG_1324Nice teamwork, Boys’ House. Communal living anyone?

Season 2. Episode 1.

Farm EggsOur CSA is finally here! And there was a lot of spastic celebratory dancing on West End Avenue this Wednesday evening as a result.

Rather than collect our share bi-weekly or go through the process of pairing with an anonymous CSA member, we decided to rope our friends Tyler and Brittany into splitting a share this year. I think they’ll agree it was a good decision.

In just our first week we accumulated a whoppin’:CSA Share!

  • head of lettuce
  • broccoli raab
  • huge (but not genetically mondofied) radishes
  • arugula
  • mesclun
  • kale
  • rhubarb
  • strawberries!
  • and this year: EGGS!

We uncontrollably nibbled the minute we were inundated with farm food, but managed to control ourself enough to try some concoctions. Like! Wrapping strawberries in the surprisingly peppery arugula for a gnarly Ratatouille-like explosion (think cartoon rat, not tomato and zucchini). Very enjoyable and highly recommended.

Strawberries and Arugula

Below is our complicated exchange of vegetables on the street corner – less highly recommended. Soon to find a better solution.

Meet Tyler and Brittany

**It should be noted that right after this photo was taken a wide-eyed little boy walked by us, gawking at the 6-foot-4 Tyler, while the kid’s mother whispered to him, “Go ahead, honey, say hi!  Say hi to him!”
We all think you’re Superman, Tyty. Each and every one of us.

And so, the season begins!