Raclette Night

IMG_4933Our beautiful friend Amelie invited us to a Raclette Night last week! For those of you sadly not in the know, raclette is a French (or Swiss, depending on whom you ask) cheese dish in which a table-top grill is used to heat individual-sized cheese pans that are then poured onto bread, potatoes, and meat.

Dinner consisting of mainly cheese?



Um, yes please. (Or, my French excuse: “Oui, oui, c’est vendredi!”)

Amelie extraordinaire!

Amelie extraordinaire!

Just upon entering Amelie’s home the wafting scent of fromage came adrift down the hallway, which might sound unappetizing but was in fact so enticing it acted as a homing beacon.IMG_4946 IMG_4951 IMG_4957

Untraditional as it may be, I wonder if pouring raclette over vegetables could also be fair game. If I get the green light, next time I might show up with a basket full of CSA broccoli or brussels sprouts and get crazy.

These two.

These two.


After the dairy-palooza, as if a mountain of cheese and starch wasn’t enough of a perfect meal, Amelie made an exquisite tart tartine for dessert.IMG_5004 IMG_5006 IMG_5011All in all a perfect evening full of food, drink, and cheer. Oh, and also cheese. Really stellar, stinky cheese.

8 thoughts on “Raclette Night

  1. So you know the riginal way to do this was to set the raclette by the fireplace and it would get all oozy…I personally love raclette for grilled cheese sandwiches. This looks ah-mazing!

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