Swinger’s Sage Gin

U.S. is Voted Dry
Sage and GinIt’s hard to fantasize about the Roaring Twenties without conjuring images of femme fatals, exposed backs, Lucky Luciano, strings and strings of pearls, and Daisy Buchanan. But more than anything, we remember Prohibition, with a comic retrospective irony that such an experiment was obviously a bad idea.

But there is always romance in times of repression. And so even in better times, we tend to look back at the ’20s as being full of moments of change and creation, and get dreamy-eyed in the process. I get dreamy-eyed when I indulge in gin (and possibly bleary-eyed too) and can’t help feeling like I’m stowing away in a Speakeasy rebelling against authority.Swingers Gin

Last night Evan made me a Swinger’s Drink worth doing the Charleston for. Made with Apple & Lingonberry sparkling juice (Prohibition-approved), gin (less approved), and garden sage, it was sweet and tart and nostalgic.

Our very own Victory Garden provided us with yet another divine concoction combined to Damn the Man with. Talk about being “This Side of Paradise.”Prohibition Dancers

Confiscating Barrels of Wine

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