Gimme Cookie, Got You Cookie

IMG_9284It’s official. Spring is here and there’s nowhere to sit in the park anymore.

Just two weeks ago there were no leaves on the trees yet, the flipping season refused to commit, and you had to carry at least three sweaters around at a time for fear of sudden temperature drops. This week is better, but I remain skeptical that we’re through with the rampant changes in weather patterns this year.

John Oliver has this to say on the subject:

So now that we’ve settled that, there has been plenty of time for some pretty spectacular picnics. Like with our lovely pals Claude and Louise, on a late April day, with a big ol’ pile of Mediterranean food. (Thanks to tiny hole-in-the-wall delicious restaurant, Jerusalem).


IMG_9331IMG_9298IMG_9349No picnic is complete without a patch of grass, a lot of giggles, a stack of cookies, and a dog.



Mission accomplished.

Keep trying, Weather 2014. We’re rooting for you.


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