Ten Reasons to Join a CSA

Have you joined your CSA yet?

Farmin' Cityfolk

1. Support local farms. Family farms are on the fritz. Over the past century the number of farms has vastly reduced and our produce is coming from farms that are bigger and further away. The more support we give local farms, the greater knowledge of where our food comes from we have and the more secure we can feel in our buying choices. These farms are less often involved in government subsidy programs thus receiving less government money, which means that they need more help from individuals, like us!

2. Reduce your footprint. Not only is your food traveling less distance, but because the farms are smaller it takes less heavy machinery to plant and harvest. The typical CSA uses almost no packaging besides a box for delivery and the occasional returnable bag, whereas supermarkets largely use styrofoam and plastic based packaging.  

3. Be season conscious. It’s really difficult…

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