Fare Thee Well, Winter 2014.

The-Day-After-Tomorrow-PSIt’s been a long, cold winter, completely void of writing as our CSA has been inexistent. But after a treacherous and interminable winter, SPRING appears to have arrived. The city is lighting up – both literally and figuratively – New York’s farmin’ cityfolk are back, and ahh, the season has sprung…

In memorandum of the painful winter we’ve endured, I’ve put together a small list of things that will no doubt go remembered (or more likely forgotten) from Winter 2014:

  • Alternate parking in NYC was suspended for a whopping 22 days in a row this year.
  • We ran out of Velveeta. Which is fine, so long as we don’t suffer a national shortage of Spam.
  • People literally skied to work.
  • Our new mayor brought shame to his family’s name by eating a slice with a knife and fork.
  • House of Cards took over our lives, for the second time.
  • While in the Northeast we could seriously have used some of Sriracha’s heat, Southern California apparently had had enough.
  • We passed a farm bill, and the reaction fluctuated around “meh“.
  • For the 29th consecutive year I successfully avoided the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  This year, Guinness joined me.
  • On Evan and my second wedding anniversary there was a snowstorm so big they closed down all the restaurants at 7pm, so we ate ravioli and went to bed at 9.
  • The most publicized traffic jam in the history of the Tristate area gave us our yearly dose of New Jersey political corruption.
  • A mouse infestation forced New Yorkers back into the Dark Ages when the cafe that invented the cronut was shut down for a weekend.  Never has a donut seemed so unimaginative.
  • And Pharrell made us all feel pretty lousy for feeling “just okay”.

No doubt spring will bring its own series of less than notable events. But that is all for now.

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