Some Bellies Grow in Brooklyn

BK BridgeWith so few days of coatless weather ahead, it seemed as good a time as any for a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge. So we packed our passports and headed over recently. We had a hell of a time with customs because they didn’t think my shades were fly enough… but eventually they approved me for border crossing because my jeans were rolled up over my boots.

Thanks BK.
Ahhh BK

Mags and Britt


This Crew

TytyEnamel PitcherI love Brooklyn. I’m not entirely sure why we don’t live there. I suspect, assuming life (and work/school) doesn’t drive us off kilter and send us somewhere unpronounceable – it could happen – we will leave our happy studio on the Upper West and move there within the next few years.

But a visit to the Smorgasburg is a stellar way to spend a Saturday or Sunday in the meantime. And if you get to the one in Fort Greene on Saturadys it’s a combined Smorgasburg-Brooklyn Flea, so you can find not only a smorgasbord of deliciousness, but also dreamy old things to bring home with you. (Like perhaps an old-school enamel pitcher.)




Street food is not known for its veganness, lots of meat on a stick and fried cheese. But places like NYC (and I suspect everywhere in the Northwest) appeal to every foodie type. So we weren’t blown away when we stumbled upon Vietnamese Summer Rolls with portobello mushrooms and roasted asparagus.

But we were blown away when we ate them, because they were stellar.IMG_6873





Others of us found gooey grilled cheese and milkshakes. Aaaand they did not look too broken up about said decision.


IMG_6905Saturdays are the best. Full of friends, full of foodies, full of fun.

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