Copious Cukes

Cucumbers (and a Zuke for good measure) My darling hubs was kind enough to pick up the slack in our Emergency Rations post, but clearly things have not slowed down over here. We are still busy rationing little bees. It does however at the very least seem time to share the Cucumber-Melon Soup recipe, which is rapidly becoming too cold a dish to enjoy. I don’t know if this is common knowledge, but apparently if you plant cucumber seeds, you will grow a cucumber orchard. I was unaware of this. So was my extended family. And thus, everyone I know intimately ate nearly exclusively cucumbers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner this summer and we now all hate them. But one saving grace recipe was JB’s Cucumber-Melon Soup:

  • Peel and scoop seeds out of all the excess cucumbers you have (or three, if you’re buying, not picking).
  • Chop the cukes into cubes.
  • If you used three cukes, use half a honeydew melon. If more, do the whole melon. We used funny-shaped melons of rather ambiguous nature that came in our share in lieu of honeydew, and they worked splendidly as well. (Ha, lieu of honeydew.) Chop the melon into equally sized cubes.
  • Add a cup of plain Greek yogurt.
  • One chopped clove of garlic.
  • Half a lime’s juice.
  • Several sprigs of fresh mint.
  • If you find your honeydew isn’t the ripest, add a touch of honey.
  • And definitely some sea salt.
  • Dump ’em all in a blender. Blend.

It’s miraculous, but just like that you’ve got soup.  Serve with a dollop of yogurt and a mint sprig and enjoy preferably on a porch on a sweltering night (not in October huddled in your apartment wearing slippers). We have bountiful amounts of this soup frozen in our freezer and we need to eat it quickly while the weather still hovers around 60. Please, join us for a bowlful and take some cuke off our hands.

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