Plant a Radish/Get a Radish

RadishesApparently radishes are nature’s easy lay, because every week we manage to get some. I love the bite of radishes and find them delightfully sweeter when they’ve just been plucked (is this innuendo getting old, or what?) than when you just pick them up at the supermarket. But as delicious and aesthetically pleasing as radishes are, especially amongst all the greenery, eating radishes in salad week after week begins to be taxing.

Radishes with ButterSo someone recently suggested sautéing radishes to me, which had never occurred to me, but turned out to be a welcomed relief and really likable!  We were naughty and sautéed them in butter instead of olive oil, but we figured for our first attempt, we’d be dirty about it.

… That was the last one, I promise.

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