Just Foodamooga

Just Food

The Just Food section of the Great GoogaMooga Festival (widely griped about here), was a haven in a sea of dangerously hungry foodies. A tightly-knit variety of stands promoting local farms, tasty veggies, and sustainability nestled itself up on a hill overlooking the rest of the fest. Equally apart from the nostalgic riffs of the Lez Zeppelin stage and the bluesy soul of the Fitz & the Tantrums stage, it was the perfect hide-out for a breather.

In this grassy home away from home, Just Food advocates smilingly handed out CSA pamphlets, promoted urban gardens, and sold “seed bombs,” combinations of seeds and compost that if one chucks anywhere (like say, an abandoned lot) will grow magical plots of flowers.

Below, kiddies find some shade under an elevated planter box growing vegetables from a public school youth farm!

Youth Farm!

Just Food, you win again.

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