Garden of Eve Farm

Our CSA is mere weeks from starting up again, and we are very prepared to be inundated by vegetable goodness!  We’ve started with a different farm this year, Garden of Eve (joyful picture above from their website).  Their farm has a CSA that’s a little closer to us than last year’s, and we’re excited to check out the new landscape.  This year we went for a whole share instead of a half and have split it with another couple, as well as a full fruit share, and two half-dozen egg shares.

We have big plans for dinner parties and picnics and trips to the farm!

As a refresher course, here’s the beloved 10 Reasons to Join a CSA, the abridged version (click to your left to see the loquacious version):

  1. Support local farms!
  2. Reduce your footprint!
  3. Be season conscious!
  4. Build a community!
  5. Try new veggies!
  6. Reduce your meat intake!
  7. Learn to cook!
  8. Improve your nutrition!
  9. Save money!
  10. Forget the brainstorm!

Find your own local CSA here.

2 thoughts on “Garden of Eve Farm

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  2. I think we made the right choice with Garden of Eve this year – they’ve been great so far. I just hope their plants survive the solstice heat-wave better than the wilted people on the street today…

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