Please RSVP

As one of my favorite human beings said to me yesterday, “Winter, when you’re this late to the party, don’t show up at all.”  And as she, slightly north of us, expected SNOW last night she has reason to revoke her RSVP.

The fickle change in weather patterns is putting a serious damper on our One Square Foot project.  Our windowsill is either too cold to promote growing – with chills radiating through the glass – or the heater is blasting nearby enough to dry our poor baby buds right out.

Spring, why do you tease me so?

We’ve been diligently watering and trying to fend off both the stifling heat and the bitter cold, adjusting temperatures, fitfully moving plants off the radiator, onto the radiator, off the radiator… but we haven’t given up hope.  I’m going to love these damn plants ’til they bud, whether they ask to or not.  Winter unwelcome.

2 thoughts on “Please RSVP

  1. My garden is sprouting 2 beans and today I saw the sliver of 2 onions (the rest are still sleeping). The sage and thyme got unceremoniously dropped to the floor the other day and have been replanted (they are only tiny shoots) and seemed to have survived the trauma. Will report in as more happens

  2. I think that your latest entry should be forwarded to all those doubting Thomasses who claim that the changing weather patterns have nothing to do with humans, and who don’t trust science anyway, although they will tune into at the drop of a temperature degree.
    I’m cheering for your budding plants.

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