Hints of Spring

Winter?After what was an undeniably soft winter, “spring” has arrived.  Can it be spring without winter?

California has spring.  Doesn’t it?

Here in the Northeast, we don’t take kindly to the lack of seasons.  We use them to map out our emotions – truly.  Summer is a sticky, lethargic time for movies in Bryant Park.  We feel restful, relieved, rejuvenated, with a looming sense of doom that the cold is approaching.  Fall is crisp, sarcastic, a bit of a tease.  Winter, we are grumpy.  Leave us alone in winter; we hibernate and don’t appreciate interruptions.  And then spring comes.  And the city lights up.  Everyone crowds to the streets, people greet you, invite you into their homes, stay out all night (or so I’m told).  It is a magical time of hope and greenery.  If we don’t get the crabby winter, there’s no joy in spring.

But here we are, March 10th, and after temperatures that barely dipped below 45 this winter, we are now entering 60°-70° weather – already.  Which, despite the skepticism about the past few months, means that we can secretly begin fantasizing about the next growing season.

It’s been a long hibernation, but there good things to come.  We recently attended the Just Food Conference and will share stories and news about the movements in urban agriculture.  We’re signing up for this year’s CSA (today!), and we will be bringing seasonal stories, pictures, recipes, and a little farm to your (and our) city.

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