The Elitist’s Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese

I have been called many things:  charming, delightful, dazzling. Also: trouble, insufferable, a pain in the ass, and most recently, a food snob.

And at the very least, the last is true. And with food snobbery comes pickiness, a propensity toward judgement, perpetual quiet (or in my case loud) criticism, and a certain “look at my cuisineyness.” I apologize to those who I bombard.

Here is one of my favorite look at my cuisineyness meals. I call it the Elitist’s Mac and Cheese, and I lord it over anyone who proudly prepares Kraft Mac and Cheese. But really it’s easy and delicious and I’m kidding about the pretentiousness (mostly).

Sauté up whatever vegetables are lying around, or came in your CSA share. The above is shallots, garlic, and swiss chard. Cook some pasta, preferably whole wheat. Grate more cheddar cheese then you think you could fathomably enjoy. Combine everything, sprinkle breadcrumbs on top, and put it in the broiler. When it’s crispy and gooey, eat it. And be sure to dress for dinner, use big words, gesture emphatically and enjoy pompous wine while you do so.

2 thoughts on “The Elitist’s Mac and Cheese

  1. It seems that there was a story in the paper the other day about having a pasta supper at midnight. Your concoction sounds – and, no doubt, smells and tastes – better.

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