A Hell of a Fruit

To be read with a Yiddish accent: “Nectarines, I love that fruit!” says Mel Brooks in the 2000 Year Old Man, “Half a peach, half a plum; it’s a hell of a fruit.”

If you read my peach post, it might surprise you to hear that my all time favoriteNectarine Nibble fruit is the nectarine. I twiddle my thumbs all year-round awaiting nectarine season. And if I confessed how many nectarines I’ve had in a mere two days, you might cease reading to discourage my gluttony.

Nectarines do cause problems, I should admit. Like the fact that I’ve neglected the other sensational vegetables from this week’s share and forgotten to cook entirely.

To be read, again, with a Yiddish accent: “Even a rotten one. That’s how much I love ’em. I’d rather eat a rotten nectarine than a fine plum. Whaddya think a that?”

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