Olaf and His Meals

We couldn’t possibly afford a Le Creuset $240 dutch oven from Zabars, but we can afford a Le Creuset $10 dutch oven from an annual rummage sale.  The same rummage sale, I should add, from which we found a vacuum Dutch Oven Vegetablesin perfect working condition, bought every sweater I own, and – oh yeah – furnished our apartment for under $60. I would love to tell you where this rummage sale is, but that would severely endanger my chances of finding a retro robbin egg blue ice box with a pulley lever next year. (I have a good feeling about it.)

The $10, rummage sale chic, Le Creuset dutch oven (dubbed Olaf) has allowed for many CSA vegetable cooking opportunities, and I have a feeling it will make many a photo shoot appearance over the next few weeks.  Please feel free to shout with glee when you see Olaf; we do.

So a few yummies we devoured this past week, with and without Olaf’s accompaniment, are as following.

Yogurt and PeachesPeaches, mmm, in Greek yogurt with a splash of orange juice and a drizzle of honey.

Tomatoes and Mozzarella



Local tomatoes and mozzarella with basil, olive oil and swizzled-on reduced balsamic vinegar. Sweet, sweet summer.

Fish on the Grill



For the pescetarians in our midst, two beautiful trout with slices of lemon and herbs and soy sauce inside cooked on the grill. Tomatoes with breadcrumbs and farmers market cheese.

Grilled Zuchs


And (way to go, Northeast harvest), delish grilled zucchinis… and zucchinis and zucchinis and zucchinis.



Olaf’s meal from above was a hodgepodge of kamut with fresh garlic, beets, onion, squash, fennel, thyme, olive oil, butter, and salt and pepper (aka: everything that was in our CSA this week). Welcome to our home, Olaf. Welcome.

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