It’s Not Easy Being Green

Hello, New York.  How did you enjoy the 104 degree weather this week?

I  sat in my very own pool of sweat in my “air-conditioned” apartment, blew three fuses using too many fans, saw substantially sized spots when emerging from the subway, sweat so hard it impaired my eyesight and walked directly into a crosswalk sign, took six showers in a day, and drank Kirstie Alley’s weight in water. Grilled WatermelonBy the way, when I slammed into the crosswalk sign no one noticed (and/or cared), because they too were walking zombie-like to their destinations in comatose states. I couldn’t even bother being offended.

If ever there was a week not to turn on your oven, this was it. Eat cucumbers, freeze lemonade, pound ice cream bars, I don’t care. But please, please, don’t make me cook. And yet, we got our beautiful CSA share. And it’s oh, so important to us to be conscious of where our food comes from (meaning not eat from the questionable Asian-“fusion” restaurant around the corner that smells vaguely of manure and no doubt finds their chicken product from the hen house in their basement, but has AC). It truly isn’t easy being green.

But when we picked up – scratch that, when we schlepped our food pile back to our apartment and found this succulent array –Produce PrideWell, you know the rest. We cooked.

In this week’s pile was:

  • green beans
  • beets
  • basil
  • salad mix
  • fresh onions
  • swiss chard
  • cucumbers
  • zucchinis
  • yellow peaches
  • the sweetest, prettiest, happiest plums
And thus, unlike any other self-respecting, take-out loving, drive-through attending, no friend to the environment smart person, we roasted beets, sauteed swiss chard, grilled watermelons, baked zucchinis, and cried – very, very hard – over a blazing hot stove.

One thought on “It’s Not Easy Being Green

  1. I tried grilled watermelon this weekend and found it to be intriguing. Sweeter than ice box watermelon and a slightly smoky taste. Wonder how it would be with olive oil and salt? Hmmm.

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