Sharing is Hard

It’s been pointed out to me by someone near and dear – we’ll call her Turkey Legs – that the explanation of gathering our share has gone somewhat ignored.  Turkey Legs asked if we get to pick and choose our own, or if our crop is simply handed to us.  The way our CSA works, and as with all of things it varies from share-to-share, is we show up at the location where the vegetables are brought in weekly and they’ve been laid out for us in boxes.

As half-share members, we’ve split our take with someone else.  So whoever gets there first collects each bunch of vegetable and divides them equally leaving it in a bag for their other half.  Batta-bing, as they say.

In this week’s score we managed to get:

  • garlic scapes
  • red Russian kale
  • mixed greens
  • baby bunch of turnips
  • bunch of beets
  • escarole
  • strawberries
Which ended up in a dangerously seductive pile on our living room table.
Turkey Legs is cordially invited to come share our share at her earliest convenience. (And so are you.)

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