Dîner à la CSA

So for our first share meal, we made a frittata and a salad.  We used almost exclusively products from our share, plus some dairy and aromatics.  Everything else had been in the ground that very morning (cool, right?).  Making a frittata is practically as easy as making toast.  You start by what is essentially a stir-fry, and then add egg.

Start with your aromatics in a couple tablespoons of olive oil.  We used a little bit of onion, scallion, and the green garlic.

Then, once those were soft and we could smell them from the other side of the apartment… albeit tiny apartment… we washed and threw in our very crispy spinach.

I almost never measure, so I apologize for my estimations, but feeling your way around a stove always tends to make things taste better loved (in my approximation).  That being said, while this is all cookin’ up, crack four or five eggs into a bowl with a splash of milk (maybe about a third of a cup?).  Add in some cheese: we used goat here, but shredded moz is great, a little bit of cottage cheese can make it surprisingly fluffy, and ricotta or feta is mmm-worthy.  

And once your veggies are cooked down, pour the egg mixture over it, making sure to evenly distribute.

Let it cook on the stove for 5-7 minutes until you notice the ends are crusting, and then throw it in the oven (375 degrees – ish) until the top looks solid.  I like to throw it in the broiler at the very end to crisp up the top.  When all is said and cooked, it should look something like the following –

Chopped up the beautiful radishes (which not bought from a store taste entirely and surprisingly different) and let them canoodle with the mixed greens.  Our salad dressing is 1 part balsamic, 2 parts olive oil, a forkful of mustard, and a dollop of honey.  Really, measuring spoons-shmeasuring spoons.

Pair it with your salad.  And voilà, dîner à la CSA.

3 thoughts on “Dîner à la CSA

  1. I think matching your cheese to your frittata is a fun part of the experimentation, like parmesan or asiago tastes stellar with an asparagus frittata, or feta tastes great with a spinach one, but really any cheese paired with the right vegetable works. I do think if you’re going to use a hard cheese you should throw a little cottage cheese in your egg mixture, which doesn’t affect the taste much but fluffs it up proper.

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