Picking Your CSA

This summer my honey and I chose the B’nai Jeshurun Hazorim CSA because it’s in our neighborhood and had fruit shares available, and we were particularly excited about their participating local farm, Free Bird Farm.

For New Yorkers trying to live the farm-life, a list of CSAs around town can be found here.  Be sure to read about all the farms involved first to see which gets you the most excited.  The culture of a farm is a greatly underrated factor in the way food is experienced, how it tastes, and the way it feels.  Many of the CSAs even have farm days where partakers can go and visit the farms their shares come from.  And if you are a fan of the fuzzy and the feathery, I strongly suggest a trip.

When we manage to get out of the city (a rare and delightful treat), we are great fans of Stone Wall Vegetables.  We know many a Connecticut resident who thumb-twiddle their way through long winters awaiting their Stone Wall shares.  Their produce is scrumptious and beautiful, and they have pick-your-own-crops every week.  And for the carnivores in our family, we love the way Tom Levine treats his furrier friends at Longmeadow Farm, and this summer he’s even promised the less fur-inclined some organic and gluten-free tofu.

Forks up, folks.

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